The only book written by the patient and the loved oneA 17-YEAR JOURNEY WITH MEDICALLY INCURABLE CANCER

This book is an empowering self-help manual that guides patients and their loved ones through the medical maze. It includes:

  • helpful hints for emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and medical tests
  • creative management of cancer symptoms and side effects due to radiation and chemotherapy treatments
  • suggestions on developing a personal wellness program to maintain your personal and emotional balance throughout this journey
  • ideas for loved ones/caregivers on how to manage their needs and those of the cancer patient without becoming overwhelmed.
  • and more!

Deb’s journey reads like a biographical novel from the first “Code Blue;” to her two near-death experiences; to her anguish in finding a caring doctor; to pulling herself up and out of the abyss of discouragement.

Wonderfully written; an essential read for those facing the challenges and opportunities that cancer brings, and also for those involved in the lives of the people cancer touches.  This book is written from the heart and will have you crying and cheering at the same time.  The practical suggestions and tools are appropriate for anyone touched by cancer.

Patricia Ammon, MD

This book is a gem, guiding the entire family through the journey of being diagnosed with, and then treating, cancer. Often health-related books only address the physical disease, or the emotional trauma associated with diagnosis and treatment.  Debra, in her full-spirited, full-bodied way, shines a light on all aspects of working with (and being transformed by) cancer. Diana provides insight and guidance for caregivers, who have their own unique challenges supporting their beloved family member.  How Cancer Transformed Our Lives is packed with practical advice and profound, hard-won wisdom for all stages of the journey.

Judith Boice, ND, LAc
Author of “But My Doctor Never Told Me That!”

How Cancer Transformed Our Lives shows that healing is a moving, living process of self-discovery.  Dalton and Kenney show how resiliency is forged by adversity and how a cancer diagnosis awakens our spirit and transforms us in miraculous ways.

Dr. Mary Baures, Psychologist
Author of Undaunted Spirits: Portraits of Recovery from Trauma

I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Debra. She approached life and her illness with a wonderful combi nation of peace and humor that I rarely see. She inspired me with her steadfast ability to make decisions and stand by her beliefs. She had a disease where it is never clear when to say ‘enough,’ and Debra had the insight to know exactly what she wanted and communicate this with her caregivers. In doing this, she was not only to ensure that she could live as she wanted, but that she could end her life on her terms as well. She had unbelievable courage and strength in fighting her disease. I feel lucky to have known such a wonderful, funny, caring, and strong person.

Dr. Christine Gieszl